Proof of Stupidity Without Words

As long as we’re busy bashing Oxford, the above graphic and note are from the Australian textbook My Maths 8, 2015, published by the esteemed Oxford University Press.

5 Replies to “Proof of Stupidity Without Words”

  1. I think the fractions are referring to Archimedes 96 sided polygons . He must have been very patient?

    I guess the posww is referring to those non mathematicians who don’t

  2. I don’t get it. Like even what the point is.

    1. I just calculated those two fractions to a few decimals and pi IS between those two values. No?

    2. And was the Math 8 having a go at Archimedes or just reporting that he had an estimate with upper/lower bounds? (And were those his bounds?)

    P.s. (not related to slagging Oz textbooks, but to history of pi calculating)

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