A Quick Word on Julian Assange


Either you are horrified by the persecution of Julian Assange or, like Lisa Millar and Patricia Karvelas and Peter Greste and Michael “Gold Star” Rowland, you support the fascistic, war-mongering motherfuckers out to get him. There is no middle ground.

Update (31/07/19)

ABC’S Four Corners has just aired a 2-part program on Julian Assange. It is well-made, interesting and, in keeping with modern journalistic style, entirely without self-awareness and entirely off the fucking point.

4 Replies to “A Quick Word on Julian Assange”

    1. Thanks, Steve. Snowden is a hero, of course. But Luke Harding and The Guardian have a lot to answer for.

  1. Marty

    Radio National Phillip Adam’s regularly advocates the plight of Julian A on his Late Night Live

    I strongly hope Julian gets a fair hearing and the U.K. and it’s judges don’t give in to US pressure to extradite .
    Their first amendment is meant to protect freedom of the press…

    But what can fair minded individuals do to encourage the Australian Government to support one of its citizens In the interim?

    Steve R

    1. Yes, Phillip Adams is one of the few voices of sanity in this idiot country. As to what individuals can do? Not much. But vocally rejecting right wing shits like Marles and Dreyfus is a start. The Liberals are psychopaths, but Labor is fucking pathetic.

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