100 Today

This marks our 100th blog post. So, 3 cheers for us!

Of course, as a pedantic mathematician, we have to specify that we’re writing in base 10. And, if you don’t see why that’s funny, click here.

5 Replies to “100 Today”

  1. Thanks Marty (and other commenters) for the ever thought-provoking, highly entertaining and brilliantly researched material.

    I just wish others in government, education departments and examination bodies would read, think and act on what is discussed here…

  2. Marti,

    I find the ‘direct’ style of your blog refreshingly different . Akin to Rob S’s character in Utopia

    Based on the entries to date you appear to have a passion for mathematics ,teaching /tutoring of mathematics as well human rights ,equality ,environmental issues etc

    I anticipate by the 1000th baseless entry the planet may have stopped heating up?

    Steve R

    1. Thanks, Steve. I guess by any standards I’m pretty “direct”. But it’s not like there’s much competition in writing on education. As for my interests, pretty much my only outside-family interest is the decline of civilisation. It just happens that a large part of that is the destruction of education and, rightly or wrongly, I feel competent to comment on the destruction of mathematics education.

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