11 Replies to “PoSWW 8: Easy Solutions”

  1. Why would you want to study a problem before solving it? Who cares if the solution is right or wrong, optimal or sub-optimal …. etc.?

    Patient: Doctor, my problem is that I have a sore foot.
    Doctor: I can solve that problem. I’m an RMIT graduate. Cue sound of chain saw.

    Patient: My cat has a problem, it keeps vomiting.
    Veterinarian: I can solve that problem. I’m an RMIT graduate. Cue sound of lethal injection.

    Policy advisor: Mr President, there’s a problem with illegal immigrants.
    President: I can solve that problem. I’m an RMIT graduate. Build a wall!

    Let’s cue some Bob the Builder music: Can we solve it, yes we can!

    What a moronic slogan that some idiot probably got paid a mint for coming up with. Matched only by the moronic slogans of most private schools: A True Education etc.

  2. I enjoy the almost parenthetical “collaborate with industry to develop real-world solutions”. Perhaps the implication is that since industry doesn’t understand real world problems, RMIT shouldn’t bother educating its students to understand them either.

    1. Thanks, TSM. To be fair, most of RMIT’s academics would be as appalled by that sign as the commenters here. Most tertiary institutions have a snake-oil media team, willing to say any crap they think might attract “customers”.

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