WitCH 28: Tone Deaf

We haven’t yet had a chance to go through the 2019 VCE exams, but this question was flagged to me independently by two colleagues: let’s call them Dr. Death and Simon the Likeable. It’s from Mathematical Methods Exam 2 (CAS). (No link yet.)

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  1. 3e: I don’t understand how there’s a transformation in terms of x applied to a function in terms of t. And wouldn’t there also be an infinite number of solutions for a, b, c, d?

  2. Also, isn’t 3e grammatically senseless? An integral doesn’t have an area, it has a value. Whether or not that value represents an area is another matter entirely. Maybe?

    1. Those were my thoughts too, Red Five. And even if you admit a charitable reading of the question, then you’re confronted with what Tau says above.

    1. RF, I’m not really concerned about EAL students for now. I don’t think EFL students have a hope of making sense of this garbage.

  3. Coming back to this question there are a few big problems (and probably a really big, fundamental one that I’ve somehow missed…):

    The variable x is never defined since the original function has dependent variable t. OK, perhaps students will just miss this issue in their rush to push buttons and solve the equations. VCAA would not be forgiving of students if they wrote x instead of t however!
    Why do the integrals need to be 2 to 0 and 2 to 6, why can’t they be 0 to 2 and 6 to 2? If absolute value functions hadn’t been (for some reason known only to VCAA) removed from the methods course, the translation would be simpler, surely?
    Finally, surely it is just a case of a=b=1, d=0 and c=some general solution with a +8k in the answer?

    1. Thanks, RF. Yes, to everything (once your correction is included). It’s pretty much what Tau wrote above. I’ll try to update this WitCH soon. (So much crap …).

      1. Sure. I completely agree with what Tau wrote, and would add the question of why matrices ONLY occur in VCAA Methods questions for transformation questions such as these… (which are surely more easily done without matrices at this level???)

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