What Happened to the Evil Mathologer?

I know something of the current Mathologer issue, but not much. I’ll write more soon.

ps. For those who are unaware, I always refer to the Mathologer as ‘Evil”. I support the Evil Mathologer 100%, here and always.

UPDATE (Wednesday Morning)

I’ve talked to the Evil Mathologer, and all is (sort of) OK.

Mathologer will definitely continue, with a new video under construction as we speak. As for the deleted Mathologer videos, Burkard is enquiring about that, but no promises for a quick fix. As for why the videos were deleted, I don’t want to preempt whatever Burkard may want to say or not say about that.

UPDATE (Wednesday Afternoon)

OK, the Mathologer videos are now back up! Except, there was (hopefully only) a glitch with the re-upping of the latest video. I think Burkard expects that also to be sorted out soon.

UPDATE (Thursday)

Unfortunately, the Evil Mathologer’s latest video is still not back up, and nothing really to report. I had begun to write a comment for people who know (or think they know) what happened, and how I think they should try to understand it. I thought better of it.

What I do hope to do, in the next day or so, is write some of the prehistory of the Mathologer channel. That might at least provide some perspective.

UPDATE (Friday)

Burkard’s latest video is back up!

13 Replies to “What Happened to the Evil Mathologer?”

  1. I was a bit gobsmacked at the Mathologer video this morning. I hope it all works out in everybody’s favour so we can continue to enjoy the great Mathologer videos far into the future.

  2. Yesterday my subscription feed showed a new upload by Mathologer. I did not watch the video at the time. Now all videos on his channel are gone. It will be very interesting to find out what is going on.

    1. Hi, nb. I won’t stop others commenting on what they know about what happened, but I won’t comment. Burkard is focussed on the next video and is investigating and thinking about how to re-up the deleted videos. To him, and to me, that’s all that matters.

        1. Hi Glen. I would personally like to see YouTube sink into the sea, but I think Burkard is happy there, and I think it should be stable in the future.

          1. Is there any reason to consider YouTube at fault here? I haven’t seen any evidence suggesting YouTube was at fault and if any such evidence exists, I hope it will be shared.

            I am glad to see that most of the videos are back. I hope they will all be back soon.

            1. Hi Kasper, my sense was that all the videos were back except for the most recent one. If you are aware of any others that are missing, please let me know. (Burkard probably knows exactly what has gone right and wrong, but it doesn’t hurt to use other eyes.)

  3. So what was the story? YT deleted them (by mistake, on purpose)? Numberphile got a moderator to take them down? Mathologer clicked the wrong button? Gremlins?

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