8 Replies to “Scott Morrison is a Greasy Fucker”

  1. And Shorten was just greasy. I doubt the ‘fucker’ bit ever applied, and if so it is too horrible to contemplate.

    1. Maybe so, and if Labor had gotten in I would hammered them for their idiocy, just like I hammered Tanya. But the smirking, cretinous conman on my screen last night was ScoMoFo, so for now ScoMoFo is the smirking, cretinous, greasy, conman fucker that I will focus upon.

    2. And this smirking, cretinous, greasy, conman fucker plans to go to the NRL tomorrow, because that’s the kind of ignorant, tone-deaf moron that he is.

      1. Don’t think you can call him ignorant. Malicious might be the better word. He won’t be anywhere near the general public at the game.

        1. I’m not thinking of any ignorance of the danger to himself. I’m thinking of the ignorance of the message that his attending will send. But, yes, he is also malicious.

  2. I’m 72 and getting sick of smirky, vacuous Morrison.
    Don’t know who our next charismatic leader is…but we need her/him ASAP.
    Read somewhere that Scmofo’s religion believes health and wealth
    will only be bestowed upon the godly.
    So if you’re poor and/or sick you’re ungodly and undeserving of help.
    Hence attacking Medicare, compulsory Super etc etc.
    Very much like Trump’s republicans.
    Bah humbug to them all !!!!

    1. Thanks, Ned, but *getting* sick of him? How much more would it take to be *actually* sick of the asshole?

      1. Seems like we’re letting Scottie from carpeting loose to attack China (again),
        As a west Australian …this worries me, tradie sond are doing well due to lack of cheap other countries’, states’ temporary desperate workers…
        Might move my Super into cash….I think our economy will nosedive if
        scotty does a repeat performance on China for the domestic dullard vote…
        a lot like Trump….
        ….it’s sort of The Apprentice, Married at First Sight, Bold and Beautiful, etc etc etc etc
        ..playing to the dumbest audience…the guy lies…like Trump….
        ….trouble is, Labor is clueless….even though I vote for them..
        ….because mum and dad did ..god bless you both

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