Gambling with Coronavirus

Australia’s casinos are still open for business, and no one seems to see anything wrong with that. Our glorious leaders are out of their fucking minds.

UPDATE (19/03/20)

A number of prominent public Health Professionals have written an open letter to Australia’s health ministers and (the stunningly appropriately titled) gambling ministers. The letter is written in a predictably calm, professional and diplomatic manner, but we’ll translate: you people who signed off to keep pokies venues open are out of your fucking minds.

8 Replies to “Gambling with Coronavirus”

  1. Marty, are you really so strongly in favour of destroying Australia’s economy? If people are given a health screening on entry, the risks are substantially reduced enough that people have almost no risk of being infected inside the Casino. In fact, I’m catching up with some friends there on Saturday night and am not at all worried. We need to be brave at times like these.

  2. There was a really interesting study published in Card Player magazine about 10 years ago when they randomly swabbed the poker chips in some randomly chosen casinos in Las Vegas.

    All but one were found to have “dangerous” levels of biological matter growing on them. I wonder a bit about the cards too (don’t play the pokies but would guess the buttons get a fair bit of touching), so I will be doing my gambling online for a while…

    …assuming there are any sports to gamble on.

    1. Thanks, RF. One doesn’t need a study to appreciate the “dangerous levels of biological matter” in a casino.

    1. Was at Crown casino last night.. Main area closed. Only a small, well supervised side area open for business. No sign of any disease there.

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