The PoSWW Coronavirus Post

We had plans a week ago (seems like a year ago) for a PoSSW coronavirus post. But, God, there is so much stupid right now. Who could possibly keep up?

Here is a dedicated post for coronavirus-related stupidity. Commenters are welcome to point to and give links to specific idiocies, or simply to vent. We’ll update the post with the hyper-stupids. (So, standard Morrison/Trump/Johnson incompetence doesn’t cut it, but unloading a whole fucking boat of sick people most definitely does.)

PoSWW 2 (26/02/20) Courtesy of occasional commenter Franz, gives us a graph showing what “uncontrolled exponential spreading of the infection” would look like:

PoSWW 3 (27/02/20) The Guardian royally fucks up their 96pt bold headline:


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  1. Yup, seeing a whole bunch of “young people”/”youths” flock to a beach, with no regard to how the virus spreads, all in the name of “having a good time” is just about as stupid as it gets.
    Then, watching the interviews of a couple of the aforementioned makes me feel like this:

    1. Yes. But what was the age of those geniuses who boarded the Rubella Princess? Not to mention the ages of the GOAT fuckwits who permitted them to unboard.

    2. Just the other day, I was told, in no uncertain terms, by some young people what they think of this virus stuff. I stress that these are the views of some young people.

      Now recently I have been reading Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the oppressed”, and I started to wonder: are these young people oppressed in some way by educated, middle class elites? People like me.

      1. Terry, the young people are not the villains here. If they are not taking serious things seriously, who the fuck trained them to be that way? And, why the fuck should they, or anyone, pay attention to the meaningless, brainless, directionless blather coming from ScoMoFo and his team of quarter-wits?

        1. I was not suggesting that these young people are villains; quite the opposite as Freire suggests. People like me want these young people to think the way we do; we want them in school, taking school seriously; we want them heeding all the advice being given to them by people like me; after all, we are the experts on how to live.

          They do like the fact that the government has given them a long holiday from school. Many of them don’t want to be there in the first place.

          1. Sorry, yes. I know you well enough and should have read more carefully, that you wouldn’t be casting young people as the villains. Of course your equal failure to cast certain older people as villains is another matter.

            But, more importantly, what is this “we” you speak of? How could a young person possibly hope to identify, or even believe in the existence of, such a “we”?

  2. A disease of stupidity spreading along with corona seems to be young people spitting at others:
    There were various incidents involving spitting over here in Germany recently.

    And then there’s the famous “exponential growth”:
    the left hand curve in red describes “uncontrolled exponential spreading of the infection”, whereas the green one is “non-exponential”.

      1. Terry, there need not be a precise meaning to the curves for the curves to be valuable. The message is clear (albeit with insane labelling).

              1. Thanks, Terry. The article on the Imperial College study seems useful (although that study has been updated). I’ll add it to my CV links page.

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