Another Message to Fellow Melburnians

1) Stay home.

2) If you don’t stay home, wear a fucking mask.

3) Forget that, just stay home.

UPDATE (22/07)

Some gentle observations, after our first shopping trip in a month, and with Uncle Dan on the car radio:

4) If you’re sick and you don’t isolate before your test, you’re a fucking moron.

5) If you’re tested and you don’t isolate before your results, you’re a fucking moron. 

6) Just because it is not yet mandatory to wear a mask, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, you fucking morons. 

7) Bunnings is lying through their fucking teeth. 

18 Replies to “Another Message to Fellow Melburnians”

    1. That is insane. Any VCE student with a brain will stay home. Teachers should tell their principals to tell Andrews to go fuck himself.

        1. Yes, I know. But teachers, everyone, should speak up anyway, on everything. The silence of the sheep.

          1. You talk too much – you will be replaced. You fail an audit – you will be replaced. Does that make sense? That’s the reality of our profession, alas.

            1. Yes, it makes sense. I don’t want to trivialise the risks of speaking out. But I also think people tend to overestimate those risks. And the reality is, if everyone is silent then everyone gets screwed.

  1. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, the students are having their temperatures checked when they enter school.

  2. Marti,

    At least the epidemiologists have been given a forum on this side of the Pacific… unlike Dr Nick

    So sure wear a mask if you have to go out or work in congested spaces to minimise the risk of aerosol infection.

    Steve R

    BTW The good news for Democrats is the POTUS runs the risk of “trimming the herd” of his voter base
    by not wearing a mask eg the critical Florida Electoral Vote.

    1. IMHO Trump will be re-elected…just a gut feeling! Sleepy Joe Biden is just …too sleepy! LOL ))))

        1. Thanks, steve. I think everybody is gun-shy after the 2016 screw-up, even Nate Silver. And Americans are so unbelievably stupid, it’s depressingly plausible that they’ll willingly re-elect the Orange Psycho. Plus, Trump’s criminal AG will undoubtedly slime Biden in October in some manner, and the Republicans will suppress the vote like never before. But the polls are looking very bad for Trump right now, and it’s difficult to see how killing a couple hundred thousand people or fucking the economy is gonna make things better for him.

      1. There’s plenty to not like about Biden, but it is thoughtless and in very bad taste to repeat an idiot slur from Trump.

    2. Yes, Australia has done a hell of a lot of things right. (America is such a dumbfuck of a country, and has been at least since Reagan.) One thing it shows, however, is how little one has to do wrong in order for Covid to re-spiral out of control. Which probably means that eradication the only sensible goal.

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