How to Cancel Culture

Yes, of course we’ve read on this nonsense, as have probably most readers of this blog; it’s either that or reruns of Bachelor Chef Island. For those divorced from virtual reality, however, here is:

There are plenty of left-wing thugs pretending that “cancel culture” is a fraud, and there are plenty of right-wing thugs pretending that they and their thuggish cronies don’t play the same nasty sport. For us, the smartest takes are:

But, really, “cancel culture” is what we gotta solve right now? One would think that being inundated with plague, and having the World heating to the point of no return, and with the three superpowers being led by homicidal maniacs, that would be plenty enough on our to-do list. But, if taking hair-trigger offense and being a Blockleiter is your thing then, sure, go ahead and have fun.

UPDATE (21/07)

A new article:

Read it. Yeah, you’re busy but, trust me, read it.

5 Replies to “How to Cancel Culture”

  1. with the three superpowers being led by homicidal maniacs

    Care to name them, marty? or too scared? LOL

    1. H,

      Historically during the Cold War most people would refer to US and Soviet Union with PRC emerging over the last fifty years in terms of economic strength, military and technological advance as the big three.

      The relative level of mania is up to the reader to decide me thinks

      In terms of GDP you might include Europe too with or without the UK

      In terms of Nuclear deterrent there are unfortunately too many candidates

      Steve R

  2. The only thing more disturbing than that article (by which I mean the blatant truth it exposes) is the plethora of comments that follow. Said commenters may think they are arguing a point, but to me they are just proving the authors core contention.

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