How Not to Ship Books, in Two Easy Lessons


We received the book below a while back, shipped in the pictured wrapping:


Yeah, a reasonable sized and reasonably valuable book. But, wrapped in paper, inside bubble wrap, inside a box, surrounded by air pillows, inside a second box?

On the other hand, …


The following books arrive yesterday, shipped by Target:

Yep: no paper, no bubble wrap, no air pillows, no nothing except way, way too big a box. And of course one of the books was damaged. Sheesh.

Update (15/12/20) 

At Glen’s request, here’s a page from the old arithmetic book.

9 Replies to “How Not to Ship Books, in Two Easy Lessons”

    1. What, you’re not asking about which edition of the Harry Potters I got?

      The old book is a 1730 arithmetic text, by a teacher called Alexander Malcolm. There’s a peek at it here.

        1. Good question. It appears to be a generalisation of “the rule of three”, which is just solving a/b = c/d for whichever guy you don’t know.

          I tried to attach a page from the book to the comment but it came out tiny. Will attach to the post above.

  1. Marti,

    Looks like the book is in good condition for a 1723 print which might explain the packing care.

    Steve R

    BTW I have a first edition inherited copy of Hardy’s ” A mathematician’s apology” which is carefully stored.

    An interesting read for any mathematician with an excellent foreword by CP Snow which was added to the 1967 reprint here

    Click to access 196174216674_10151379429531675.pdf

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