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  1. You’re not wrong, Marty. Gladys and Hazzard (and their “Team NSW” “diamond standard” bullshit) are as dumb as dog shit. Putting politics and pride ahead of the welfare of NSW and Australia. Too proud to look like Victoria. I’d love a journo at their next presser to ask which expert said no need for compulsory masks, fireworks are fine, let’s have the Sydney Test etc.

    NSW is totally fucked thanks to dipshits Gladys and Hazzard. And they’re determined to drag Victoria down again.

      1. The DisHonorable Minister Health Hazard in action in parliament:

        What a charmer. The man is a total disgrace. You’d be sacked on the spot in any other workplace for behaving like this. Health Hazard should be stood down. And kept down.

        (Does Premier Glaiket Bere-jerk-lian wonder whether Health Hazard speaks about her in the same way behind her back?)

    1. It seems that the journalists attending the pressers are cherry-picked, so that explains why only soft questions get asked.

      And it seems that the ‘expert’ advice is also cherry picked, which explains why Premier Glaiket Bere-jerk-lian has had to be dragged kicking and screaming – with countless apologies – to making masks mandatory (kind of).

      I’m sure both she and Minister Biological Hazard have employment opportunities awaiting them in VCAA should they be forced to resign.

        1. So the dog ‘reporter’ (allied with the NSW Libs) was Robert Ovadia. I might have guessed – another Murdoch stooge. He is a total disgrace.

  2. The usual breathless analysis of the VCE results this year. Some department hack on radio saying that some number of students (25?) received a perfect score.
    Point 1, it’s not really perfect, they did drop marks.
    Point 2, it’s rather unremarkable to say that 0.05% of students were in the top 0.05%.
    Too cynical?

    1. Too cynical for this blog? That’d take some work. These rituals don’t bother me much, although it’d be nice if education reporters had sense of education, or history, or pretty much anything.

    2. Roger that on both points, Davros. And definitely not cynical. The ignorant media does this every year. I wonder if we have an amazing 2021 whether the media will wonder why only 0.05% of students are in the top 0.05%, no different to 2020 …?

      Many education reporters (including those at the Elderly) are not interested in substantial stories or investigative reporting, they just want to report light-weight fluff pieces.

      And point 3: School X has come from nowhere to be in the top 20 schools or whatever in the state. Usually due to an ‘innovative’ program and ‘amazing’ students and teachers. Spare me! It’s not too many years ago that Stalking Minaret was in the ‘top 10 ranked schools’ and was the media darling. I haven’t heard much these days … I wonder what, if anything, changed …?

      And point 4: Every student in every school has had a shitty year (some more than others due to the magnification of pre-existing disadvantage and inequity) but apparently the great results being reported are due to resilience, determination etc. in the face of adversity. Spare me. An anonymous commenter to the Age summed these stories up nicely:

      “So congrats all round but given the score is a ranking, wouldn’t someone get these ranking (sic) every year”

      The point of all the points being that there’s no understanding or context given to any of the data that gets presented.

      For those who follow the data, here’s an interesting link:



      1. More reports about struggling schools joining the “30 club” – apparently the marker for an “academically solid school”. But one commentator at least drew attention to some missing context:

        “A comparison of school median study scores is useless without stating how many students in the school are doing a non-scored VCE. Moving weaker students to a non-scored VCE is an easy (some may say lazy) way to improve the median study score. Please list the number of students doing non-scored for these schools.”

        I have no doubt that these schools are achieving great outcomes for all their students, but again the suggested link to Study Scores in these sorts of reports is grossly misleading.

  3. Good Riddance to 2020 – I shall certainly second that – but we here in Blighty are set for a very bumpy start to the New Year…Way back, I wrote somewhat scathingly regarding our “Herd Immunity” strategy…
    To cut a long story short, the last 2 days of 2020 have seen (on each of these days) 50,000 plus Covid19 cases being reported plus over 950 deaths…Now I know you have been a tad harsh on your Oz Premiers stewardship on other matters, but credit where credit’s due – he’s played a blinder on Covid19…
    Our “Boris” the U.K. Prime Minister stated (again early days of Covid19) that it was inappropriate to measure one Country’s performance against another – a stance that I vehemently oppose…
    Australia’s Covid19 caseload and death toll – for the entire Year of 2020 – are under 30,000 and just over 900 respectively…
    You do the Math – ScoMoFo deserves some recognition for this achievement at very least…
    Happy New Year…

    1. Hi, Ewen. ScoMoFo did ok, but only because the Victorian and NSW premiers dragged him kicking and screaming into the light of reality. He’s an inept, devious, poisonous fucker.

      But, you are of course correct, that ScoMoFo is not in remotely the same league of murderous awfulness as Boris and his team of Tory turdbrains.

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