We’re back, sort of, and we’ll soon get back to mathematics and to needling the VCAA and their goon-clown minions. But, first, there’s a little catching up to do. And, to begin, we must celebrate the decline and fall of the Orange Maniac. It turned out, and this was no gimme, that American society was strong enough to withstand the full on assault by Republican fascists. And now America, and the World, is once again perfect.

Trump, of course, is not the disease but a symptom. True, he’s a disgusting symptom, and he’s a symptom that’ll probably end up killing a couple million Americans; symptoms can indeed be deadly. But the disease is what matters most, and the disease was thriving long before Trump shat on everything, and it is stronger than ever. For decades, Republicans have gleefully engaged in a calculated and vicious denial of reality, eagerly enabled by Murdoch and his rapacious ilk, and their psychopathically soulless henchmen. And the Democrats, and America in general, is not a whole hell of a lot better. The place is pretty fucked.

Australia is not fucked. Yes, we currently have a fifth rate, mini-wit conman motherfucker for a Prime Minister. Yes, this fifth rate mini-wit conman motherfucker leads a government of neanderthals and crooks and born-to-rule twat-snots and full blown sadists. They are trying to fuck up Australia, and they are certainly making it worse. The disease is here as well, and it is getting stronger. But, and in spite of ScoMoFo and his thugocracy, and corruptly compliant media, Australia has held together pretty well.

So, let’s give thanks. Let’s give thanks that we don’t live in a gun-infested, reality-denying lunatic asylum. Let’s give thanks that the dumb fucks in our government are, in particular, pretty inept in their attempts to fuck things up. Let’s give thanks that the disease, although anything but dormant here, has not won here. Yet.


2 Replies to “Trumped”

  1. I doubt, unfortunately, that Trump is done. I’m not sure if he’ll run for POTUS in 2024, given that he energised the Democrat base to turn up to vote against him (I assume that fewer than 17 Republican senators will vote to impeach). But he’ll motivate plenty of crazies to primary anti-Trump Republicans. We’ll see plenty more of the likes of Taylor Greene, Boebert, Jordan, etc. running in 2022.

    More generally, until the capitalist hegemony over American politics is removed, the country will continue to decline. That will not occur under the current D/R leadership.

    1. SRK, it’s far from clear, but I think Trump is probably done. He can’t grift the presidency as he did, he can’t defame and corrupt as he did, and he’ll have a ton of financial and legal worries. But, Trumpism is most definitely not dead.

      Still, it’s not clear what that means. Trump lost because there were (just) not enough crazies to vote the lunatic back in. And the Republicans threw away the Georgian senate races by not disowning Trump’s lunacy. So, what do the Republicans do? Assuming Biden is halfway decent – and he’s started very well – I think the Republicans may be screwed either way. Deservedly.

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