RatS 4: Greenwald, Taibbi and Stasi Journalists

Glenn Greenwald has written a great article (also linked on this post), on journalistic snooping and the war on privacy. Matt Taibbi has strongly endorsed Greenwald’s article, and has followed up with his own (paywalled).

6 Replies to “RatS 4: Greenwald, Taibbi and Stasi Journalists”

      1. Some of these people should not be allowed to call themselves journalists. It really, really screws with the system in ways that may never be repaired and, ultimately, takes the shine off some of the seriously good work being done to properly investigate, fact check and report.

        There are plenty of examples here in Australia too (Sky “news” comes to mind)

        1. Of course anything with Murdoch’s hands on it is swill. But this Big Brother shit is at least as much, if not primarily, a “left” issue.

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