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  1. Well, fuck small businesses that operate mainly on facebook, that’s for sure. And to be clear, it is my opinion that the legislation is primarily at fault.

    BTW Labor and Greens also support it.

      1. The comments on this are funny in a way. I wrote something similar to the above as a comment on Albo’s post, and I’ve got people from all sides attacking it. Somehow they are all disagreeing and agreeing with each other at the same time.

        Ahh it’s not all like that, plenty of people have said similar things, but still I find it (sad always but also) funny.

        1. I’m not sure why it should so hard for people to comprehend that there can be more than one villain. I included the screenshot from “Destroy All Monsters” for the obvious joke. But maybe that idiotic movie has a message for the even more idiotic public.

  2. Labor and Greens are pretty irrelevant: the LNP has such a large number of senators (not quite a majority, but not far off it) that all they need is the support of a few cross-benchers to push through a bill.

    The LNP has a proud history of showing themselves to be utterly incompetent at technology – you only have to look at the NBN to see that when it comes to digital technology, they have no idea at all. However, rather than sound out experts who might, you know, actually given them good advice, they just wing it themselves. Note that Australia’s broadband speeds now put it at 60th in the world.

    1. Yes, of course. The dumb fucks in government bear the responsibility. But that doesn’t excuse Labor and the Greens when, like now, they’re being idiots.

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