It’s Square to Be Hipping

It turns out we’re now at an age to require new body parts.* So, tomorrow we go in for a hip replacement. (Life’s a bitch and then you get a hip.)

Presumably, we’ll be back in around a week or so. Of course, everyone should work under the assumption that the next five posts will be drug-induced: no one need take offense or contemplate any  defamatory interpretation.**

Back to you soon.

*) The problem really started 45 years ago, but whatever.

**) Except ScoMoFo.


UPDATE (05/03/21)

“You’ll feel like a new man once you get your hip replaced.”

They lied: we feel like an old man with a new hip. But, the surgery went well and we’re recovering well. Looking forward to the day when we can kick a torpedo again.

We’ll soon be up and about, back to the noble work of pissing people off.


9 Replies to “It’s Square to Be Hipping”

  1. Best wishes Marty, I had mine replaced in November, hoping to do a pre-season with the Saints and get a game in the mid-field. There Evidence base for Hip replacements is interesting – anterior, posterior or lateral or latest technology – resurfacing. The Govt hospitals – Alfred, Austin, etc., all do the TRADITIONAL posterior replacement, citing the evidence base is for that technique. The PRIVATE hospitals, however, mostly do anterior, citing their evidence base. I had anterior done, but really wanted resurfacing. Only 1 guy, in all OZ, does the resurfacing, the latest technology. Is that an analogy for the evidence base in Education?

    1. Thanks, George. The sad thing is, if you rock up to Moorabbin for training, you may well have a shot at 19th man.

      That’s interesting what you’re saying about the research split with hips. (The inside of my hip looks like the surface of the moon, so my options were limited.) I think the important distinction is, they’re generally good with hips these days, and all the different techniques work pretty well; but with education, all the different techniques work very badly.

  2. Marti,

    good luck …I believe the prognosis for success is well over 95% and you can even try it a second time if needed

    but you’ll have to go easy on CAS calculator stomping in the short term

    Steve R

      1. And a set of drill-bits, buckets of water and possibly access to ceiling fans, depending on who is home at the time…

  3. Best wishes, Marty. No surgery is routine, so fingers crossed but … I hear that hip replacement is pretty smooth and the rehab not too bad. I hope your operation confirms this.

    1. Thanks, JF. The rehab is a bit longer for me, because my muscles have long gotten used to a surrealist hip. (I can’t quite remember the quote when my surgeon first saw the x-ray, but it was along the lines of “Fuckin’ hell”.) But it’s just a matter of behaving.

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