PoSWW 16: Not Essential

The questions below come from something called Essential Assessment and, to be upfront, the questions are somewhat misleading. To give EA some micro-credit, not all their questions were this bad, even if plenty more that we’d seen could have been posted. So, EA is not quite as bad as these questions suggest.

On the other hand, EA, like pretty much all teaching-replacement software, appears be utterly aimless and, thus, utterly pointless and, thus, much worse than pointless.

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      1. “Which is the matching number sentence?” – was there something before this? From the screenshot it appears not.

        “…gives the same value…” is just waffle. “…is equal to…” seems to be simpler, more efficient and, to some people, more meaningful.

        There are my two examples. The use of language throughout the screenshots just doesn’t sit right in any place.

        1. Hi, RF. Sorry, I forgot to respond to this.

          Both of your examples are spot on. It’s incredible how difficult it is for ed-types to says “equals”. I assume this pompous puffery is generally a product of the (correct) fear that they don’t really know what they’re talking about.

          And, yes, the expression “number sentence” is teeth-drillingly bad. But in any case, what is displayed in the third example are not number sentences: they’re “number nouns”, if one wishes to stay with this insane terminology.

          The garbled messages of these questions are worse than the expression, but the expression is appalling.

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