RatS 10: Adam Curtis’s CGYOoMH

Well, to be more accurate, this is a WatS, since it’s a BBC series.

Adam Curtis is a unique, brilliant filmmaker, exploring the psychology and politics of modern society like no one else. Two previous series, The Power of Nightmares and The Century of the Self, are musts. Curtis now has a new series, Can’t Get You Out of My Head: an Emotional History of the Modern WorldIt is viewable on BBC iPlayer (with VPN trickery) and, at least for now, here. It is great.

4 Replies to “RatS 10: Adam Curtis’s CGYOoMH”

  1. I really liked “all watched over by the loving grace of machines”. I like line about how we have been colonised by machines – very true indeed.

  2. Well I was privileged enough to be able to watch all of this in a binge yesterday before the BBC began cutting off access. I had discussed with friends previously how disquieting it is to not really know what is true anymore- and this provides some reasons as to why. Hidden agendas, dishonesty, suspect motivations, incomplete knowledge, subjective sensory perception and internal biases have always been the case, but now we know something about them. Certainty is gone (for sure). I can only do my best. And thankfully maths is less ambiguous (except for Godel raining on Hilbert’s parade)

    1. Thanks, Simon. Note the other (YouTube) link I give, which leads to all of Curtis’s documentaries.

      Curtis is great on the current, powerful forces attacking truth and reality. What I haven’t seem him consider is modern education, which would help explain why people are so much at the mercy of these forces.

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