WitCH 62: Video Killed the Proficiency Star

It’s not fun, but we gotta do it.

Yesterday, we wrote about Ofsted’s review of mathematics education. We wrote that it is a great review, and it is a great review. It is perfect in its reactionaryism. But, alas, there’s also a video.

Below is Hannah Stoten, one of the review authors and future kidnap victim, launching the review. An excellent review, and a well-spoken author. What could go wrong?


UPDATE (01/06/21)

Well, that’s not good:

Nonetheless, we’re willing to assume that Hannah is innocent here, and plans to kidnap her and bring her to Australia are proceeding apace.

5 Replies to “WitCH 62: Video Killed the Proficiency Star”

  1. If you close your eyes and just listen… it is a lot better.

    I would venture to say “good”.

    (If you close your eyes).

    The pictures of modulo arithmetic and then subscripting pronumerals (I assume it wasn’t meant to be more modulo arithmetic) really don’t fit the narrative!

  2. Oh I get it now. I “watched” this video by clicking play and then switching to another tab, so was very confused about why this was a WitCH!

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