4 Replies to “Fuck Sydney, Fuck Gladys and Fuck ScoFuckingMo”

  1. Berejerklian has consistently and regularly exercised poor judgement. Her handling of the current COVID outbreak in Sydney is the latest in a very long line of poor judgements. The difference this time being the human cost of her poor decision making. Gold standard? Absolutely. Gold standard in ego and bungling.

    She was warned weeks ago what she had to do and what would happen if she didn’t do it. But she was too obsessed with being Scotty’s pet. Berejerklian wouldn’t know what good judgement was if it jumped up and bit her on the arse.

    As for Scotty From Marketing – his diabolical record speaks for itself.

    But as you’ve rhetorically asked in the context of the educational muppets that are wrecking mathematics education in Australia, who do you replace them with …?

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