6 Replies to “The Woman Who Fucked Australia”

  1. I wonder if they know that the idiom “right place, right time” typically means “lucky” and is not commonly used to denote the application of skill or intelligence.

    Just fact-checking myself: “Right place, right time: Being the recipient of good fortune, often accidentally or unintentionally, simply due to one’s location and/or timing.”

    1. It’s possible that Berejerklian is intelligent. But she doesn’t have one iota of good judgement. The last 2 years have clearly shown this. I really wonder how she became leader of the NSW Liberal Party. Press like this together with Scotty from marketing trumpeting how great she was (the trumpet hasn’t been so loud lately) created a huge ego that painted NSW into a corner.

      I wonder if the Fin Rev will print a retraction: “The Woman Who Fucked Australia”.

      And Marty, I must disagree. Yes, the right place is probably the Antarctic (personally I’d choose Siberia), but the right time was about 2-3 years ago.

      Berejerklian has clearly demonstrated the Peter Principal: Everyone rises to their level of incompetence. At the cost of us all.


      But at least the photo shows her social distancing.

  2. “The Woman Who Saved Australia” …

    1. By creating a national emergency.

    2. By stealing vaccines from all other states.

    Berejerklian could have been the woman who saved Australia … by resigning two years ago.

    This is what happens when you drink too much of Scotty From Marketing’s Kool Aid.

    (None of the media Berejerklian did has aged well …)

  3. The ‘Gold Standard Premier’ is MIA today. Maybe she’s gone to the Antarctic. (Or maybe Scotty From Marketing told her that she’s not his favourite ‘Gold Standard Premier’ anymore.).

    Berejerklian leaves the equally inept Bio-Hazzard to front the media. He plays the guilt card – We helped you when you had bushfires he says with a quivering lip. The only thing missing is a tear.

    To put Bio-Hazzards bushfire guilt-card into a context:

    All the states currently have raging bushfires but it’s only NSW that lets its arsonists run free, setting fires wherever they go. NSW asks them to stop it – Pretty please, stay home and stop playing with matches. Strangely enough, this plan doesn’t work. So NSW tells everyone that it has a state of emergency and it needs everyone’s fire trucks and water bombers. The states refuse – strangely enough, they need their fire trucks and water bombers to fight their own fires.

  4. Another day, another alternate headline. This time: The Woman Who (Tried To) Bullshit Australia.

    “NSW restrictions are the strictest Australia has seen!” Seriously Berejerklian …? What a load of shit. You really think people are sooo dumb that they’ll swallow your bullshit??

    I wonder what else she’s lying about? We know she’s lied about following expert health advice because she was told 6 weeks ago by the experts to lockdown hard and fast or pay the price. But it was too big a pill for her huge ego to swallow.

    Berejerklian is an ****, ****, ****, ****artist. She also has poor judgement. She is long overdue for dumping. NSW (and by extension, Australia) deserves better. In the coming days I’m sure we’ll see her backing away from this statement in the same weaselly way that Scotty From Marketing backed away from his proclamation that “It’s not a race”. If Berejerklian had an ounce of integrity, she would admit that she’s totally failed and step down. And the Fin Rev would print a full page front cover retraction.

    There are no words strong enough to condemn Berejerklian (although Marty is trying mighty hard to disprove this!)

    **** = deleted to avoid potential legal wrangles.

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