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  1. I wonder if they know that the idiom “right place, right time” typically means “lucky” and is not commonly used to denote the application of skill or intelligence.

    Just fact-checking myself: “Right place, right time: Being the recipient of good fortune, often accidentally or unintentionally, simply due to one’s location and/or timing.”

    1. It’s possible that Berejerklian is intelligent. But she doesn’t have one iota of good judgement. The last 2 years have clearly shown this. I really wonder how she became leader of the NSW Liberal Party. Press like this together with Scotty from marketing trumpeting how great she was (the trumpet hasn’t been so loud lately) created a huge ego that painted NSW into a corner.

      I wonder if the Fin Rev will print a retraction: “The Woman Who Fucked Australia”.

      And Marty, I must disagree. Yes, the right place is probably the Antarctic (personally I’d choose Siberia), but the right time was about 2-3 years ago.

      Berejerklian has clearly demonstrated the Peter Principal: Everyone rises to their level of incompetence. At the cost of us all.


      But at least the photo shows her social distancing.

  2. “The Woman Who Saved Australia” …

    1. By creating a national emergency.

    2. By stealing vaccines from all other states.

    Berejerklian could have been the woman who saved Australia … by resigning two years ago.

    This is what happens when you drink too much of Scotty From Marketing’s Kool Aid.

    (None of the media Berejerklian did has aged well …)

  3. The ‘Gold Standard Premier’ is MIA today. Maybe she’s gone to the Antarctic. (Or maybe Scotty From Marketing told her that she’s not his favourite ‘Gold Standard Premier’ anymore.).

    Berejerklian leaves the equally inept Bio-Hazzard to front the media. He plays the guilt card – We helped you when you had bushfires he says with a quivering lip. The only thing missing is a tear.

    To put Bio-Hazzards bushfire guilt-card into a context:

    All the states currently have raging bushfires but it’s only NSW that lets its arsonists run free, setting fires wherever they go. NSW asks them to stop it – Pretty please, stay home and stop playing with matches. Strangely enough, this plan doesn’t work. So NSW tells everyone that it has a state of emergency and it needs everyone’s fire trucks and water bombers. The states refuse – strangely enough, they need their fire trucks and water bombers to fight their own fires.

  4. Another day, another alternate headline. This time: The Woman Who (Tried To) Bullshit Australia.

    “NSW restrictions are the strictest Australia has seen!” Seriously Berejerklian …? What a load of shit. You really think people are sooo dumb that they’ll swallow your bullshit??

    I wonder what else she’s lying about? We know she’s lied about following expert health advice because she was told 6 weeks ago by the experts to lockdown hard and fast or pay the price. But it was too big a pill for her huge ego to swallow.

    Berejerklian is an ****, ****, ****, ****artist. She also has poor judgement. She is long overdue for dumping. NSW (and by extension, Australia) deserves better. In the coming days I’m sure we’ll see her backing away from this statement in the same weaselly way that Scotty From Marketing backed away from his proclamation that “It’s not a race”. If Berejerklian had an ounce of integrity, she would admit that she’s totally failed and step down. And the Fin Rev would print a full page front cover retraction.

    There are no words strong enough to condemn Berejerklian (although Marty is trying mighty hard to disprove this!)

    **** = deleted to avoid potential legal wrangles.

  5. And now a case in the ACT, the first in over a year. A “mystery” case (we all know where it came from). *slow claps Gladys*.

    1. Well, I don’t think Berejerklian can take all the DIScredit. We must give some DIScredit to Bio-Hazzard. Incidentally, his performance at the Parliamentary Hearing yesterday was a total disgrace.
      At best, he’s trying to control the narrative at the expense of the truth.
      At worst, he’s trying to gag the NSW CHO (Chant) from telling to the truth, diluted as it may be.
      One of those truths was Chant conceding that “different decisions could have been made” about when to send NSW into lockdown. No shit, Sherlock!!!
      Arrogance, politics and poor judgement is why Berejerklian and Bio-Hazzard did not lockdown NSW over 2 months ago despite most experts calling for it (and WARNING what would happen if the lockdown didn’t happen!!) Even now, this pair of cretins still cannot make the necessary hard decision. If they had a shred of decency, they would admit their numerous mistakes and resign. (Fat chance).

      I really hope the Financial Review Magazine runs a follow-up feature entitled ‘The Woman Who Fucked Australia’.

      1. Hazzard, just amazing. Seeing his behaviour was like watching a psychotic serial killer parent trying to stop their kid from telling the visiting social worker where the bodies are buried.

        1. Spot on, Greg.
          Chant has been MIA the last few days. Probably buried somewhere by Bio-Hazzard.

          Marty, I’m not sure Chant’s a willing stooge. It’s more likely she’s an UNwilling stooge. Possibly a hostage. It’s a total disgrace that a CHO should be subject to political pressures and interference. Then again, someone with a backbone would stand up to this and call it out.

          I agree with your psychopath description – Berejerklian and Bio-Hazzard tick all the boxes. (Although Berejerklian’s poor judgement has allowed her to be easily manipulated in the past – poor form for a true psychopath).

            1. Probably appointed CHO for that very reason. I wonder if she still remembers the Hippocratic Oath she once swore.

            2. I have just learned that in NSW the CHO can only *advise* the Health Minister. In particular, in NSW it’s the Minister – Bio-Hazzard – that signs the Health Orders, NOT the CHO. In all other states and territories it’s the CHO that signs the Health Orders. That’s not to say that there may not be political pressure and interference applied to CHOS’s in other states, but it does mean that in theory the Health Advice is apolitical in all states and territories EXCEPT NSW.

              This explains a lot (including the Ruby Princess debacle). In particular it explains why the Health Orders in NSW reek of politics. It’s Bio-Hazzard, NOT the CHO, that signs the Health Orders in NSW. All the NSW CHO can do is advise. We’ll never know what advice Chant gave and what advice Bio-Hazzard chose to ignore.

              So I think we should give Chant a break and I’ll take back my previous comment about the Hippocratic Oath. She has no power, she’s only a glorified advisor. All the health advice gets filtered and distorted by Bio-Hazzard.

              Chant was MIA again today. Either she’s being censored or has refused to stand with Berejerklian and Bio-Hazzard. Even if she resigned (and it won’t surprise me if she has), it’s London to a brick that she’ll still be gagged and unable to reveal how much of her advice was ignored by Bio-Hazzard and Berejerklian.

              There should be calls for a Royal Commission into the handling of public health in NSW and charges of malfeasance in public office should be considered (even though the bar is high).

              1. I’m not giving Chant a break. Either her advice is shit or she’s not being listened to and should resign. Fuck her.

                1. Arrogant, egotistical, political and lacking good judgement. Too busy drinking Scotty From Marketing’s kool-aid. Is there anyone that Bio-Hazzard and Berejerklian would have listened to?

                  The only thing that pair of cretins is listening to now are the jungle drums beating their political demise. Gross incompetence at best, malfeasance in public office at worst. A Royal Commission is needed.

                  1. John, of course Gladys and Hazzard are the major fuck-ups, and probably they wouldn’t have listened to anyone. But everyone must take responsibility for their actions and inactions.

                    It was completely fucking obvious that Sydney had to look down hard and quick. Chant could have, and should have, threatened to resign. Maybe the dumb fucks would have backed down and maybe not. But how could it have ended worse than what was inevitably going to happen, and has happened?

  6. Poor Berejerklian. No longer the PM’s fair-haired girl. Losing her shit at the PM … From gold standard to lead standard.

    Newsflash for Berejerklian: Scotty From Marketing has an election coming up (probably May 2022 if no good window opens up earlier than this) and he won’t be letting a Bunglerjerklian drag him down.

      1. Don’t forget the fucking morons in Northcote.

        I have a suggestion – send all the fuckwits to Naru (and let them infect each other) and let the refugees join our society.

  7. Straight from the Political Crisis Management Handbook:

    “A decision by the NSW government to stop reporting key Covid-19 data has been blasted, prompting calls for transparency.
    During Friday’s Covid-19 update many viewers were quick to notice that there was no mention of how many mystery cases has been recorded and how many cases were out in the community during their infectious period.
    When questioned about the quiet change, NSW Health said the reporting of these figures was “not a meaningful representation of case investigations” due to the high number of infections.”

    Berejerklian and Bio-Hazard are following the handbook page by page. Chapter 4 : When the data showing your incompetence becomes overwhelming, hide it.

    As I’ve said a few times – a Royal Commission is required.

    PS Berejerklian – You’ve go a fucking hide telling the other states that we “could all learn from NSW”! The only thing you’re qualified to teach is how *NOT* to be a good and responsible leader.

  8. People who post on this thread are keen to comment their witty and sarcastic remarks
    without stating where they stand. Do they believe this whole plandemic has any real
    merit or are they just sitting on the fence getting splinters up their collective arses?

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