ACARA CRASH 16: Unlevel Playing Field

Each Year’s content in the draft curriculum begins with a Level description, and each of the thirteen Level description begins with the exact same sentences:

The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics focuses on the development of a deep knowledge and conceptual understanding of mathematical structures and fluency with procedures. Students learn through the approaches for working mathematically, including modelling, investigation, experimentation and problem solving, all underpinned by the different forms of mathematical reasoning. [emphasis added]

Yep, “an equal focus on building fluency“, no doubt about it.


3 Replies to “ACARA CRASH 16: Unlevel Playing Field”

  1. I strongly suspect that some people genuinely believe that repetition and mastery is not useful in teaching, and that removing it completely will have only positive impact.

    Sad state of affairs.

    1. It’s shouldn’t be a suspicion: it’s absolutely certain. But, politically they have to pretend otherwise. And that’s the deceit of the current curriculum.

      The real screw up with the draft curriculum is that they said the quiet bits way loud. Which means their occasional pianissimo “sure, we like skills” is drowned by the yelling truths.

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