A Quick Word to Networking Mathematicians

Dear mathematicians, if you don’t really know about the draft mathematics curriculum, and if you are somehow unaware that the inclusion of new content that you happen to like necessitates the dilution or elimination of other content – content that is more important for everyoneand for a coherent curriculum, and which is already woefully underrepresented – then perhaps you should look beyond your own self interest, shut the hell up and listen to people who have been paying attention. Thank you.

3 Replies to “A Quick Word to Networking Mathematicians”

  1. Nicely put, Marty. I smell an interesting back-story to this blog …

    (And a future blog …?

    Dear mathematics teachers, if you never took the time and effort to comment on the Daft Mathematics Stupid Design or the Daft ACARA Curricsputum, stop your fucking whining.
    Thank you.)

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