More Mathematics Books, Free to More Homes

UPDATE (25/11/21)

OK, all done. Thanks to those who expressed interest, and thanks in particular to MyCool, for playing the role of sweeper. Books will be handballed as arranged.


Or the same homes. I couldn’t care less.

This pile of books is not nearly as extensive or as high quality as the last bunch, and I’m not going to work hard to find homes, or to deliver the books to the homes. Still there are some good books there for undergraduate maths and engineering folk, and a few classics.

Please email me if you have any interest in any of the books. Quickly. I’ll be getting rid of these one way or the other in the next week or so. (I’ll probably be around Monash University this Friday 26/11 and next Monday 29/11, if that helps for meeting up.)













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16 Replies to “More Mathematics Books, Free to More Homes”

  1. Gosh, they look so much like the sorts of books I’ve been accreting for years (I don’t seem to have actually bought them, they’ve just sort of slowly grown on the shelves in my office). And I haven’t been in my office for 18 months. I’ll probably pass, but with a certain mild sense of sadness, as I like nothing better than an old mathematics text. And some of your books I certainly recognize! Good luck with offloading them.

    1. There’s some good one there, and I pondered a long time, but divorced was threatened. (Then I pondered a little more.)

  2. Hi Marti,

    I was one of the lucky recipients from your first collection so should hold back until others make their selections …. But if no one bids for

    Wonnacott and Wonnacott. Statistics

    ,Lamb or any of the Loney texts on dynamics or statics

    Macon Numerical Analysis

    would be of interest

    Steve R

      1. Marti,


        One additional request for the text on Fourier Series with BVP by Churchill if not already allocated

        Steve R

          1. Marti,

            No worries I am glad it is not going to landfill…. as it looked like a well thumbed publication from a reliable publisher.

            I have been reading the Spiegel and Kreysig texts on the subject from your first donation earlier this year

            Steve R

  3. I know the feeling. I have got rid of many good books in the last few years. Worth thousands of dollars. Libraries no longer accept books. Even my favourite second hand book dealer has told me that he has been unable to move the last lot I passed on to him; he gives me credit rather than cash. Often I just throw them in the recycling bin.

    1. OK, MC, as it stands they’re pretty much all yours. (There’s another person who has emailed, and I’ve put aside a couple books for them.) I’ll still let people ponder, but I’m looking to get rid of them quickly.

  4. Hi Marty
    I have started a project with a student Ayden who is sitting exams some years beyond his age level. He said yes he will take whatever is left, but I see that MyCool has already done this job. So if another library becomes available, as I’m sure it will, Ayden will take the lot, or whatever is left.

    This will continue to happen – mathematicians keep retiring/dying – and you are too busy Marty to be the middle man. Perhaps we need a central repository where such books can be deposited and from where we can shoot presidents?

    1. Hi, Tom. Yes, the evil and conniving MyCool has gobbled up all the “others”.

      Regarding Ayden, maybe send me an email of the kind of book(s) that will help in the next few years. I might well have a couple books of my own that I can handball you/him.

      As to your general suggestion, It’s more relevant that teachers are retiring, and are thus old enough to have good books in their collections. That was the case with this second lot, but of course your point stands. I’m happy to ponder being part of such an organised resource, if anybody can figure out how the thing would work.

      1. On the subject of a system to recycle maths books.
        I am happy to do the grunt work of picking up contributions, cataloguing them etc. What is needed is somewhere to store them.

        1. Thanks very much, tom. It’s on my (very long) shortlist to make a “front page” for this blog, where there can be links to such on-going matters. I’ll get back to thinking about the book exchange idea then. I’m sure that issues such as storage can be sorted one way or the other.

          1. I recall many years ago, our vice-chancellor struck up a friendship with his counterpart in a university in Cambodia. The university in Cambodia was desperately short of text books. Our VC asked staff if they had any good quality text books that they would be happy to donate to the cause. He was overwhelmed with the response. All those lecturers with offices full of textbooks that they no longer wanted came to the party. Then the VC had no idea as to how to get the books to Cambodia. I recall that he asked the federal government if they could be transported in a Hercules. I don’t know how the story ended.

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