In Defense of Alan Tudge

We’ve been working on a post defending a nazi,* so we may as well warm up with a try on Tudge.**

The first thing to say is that Tudge is an asshole. As we wrote on another occasion, Tudge is a nastydown-punchingvindictiveglass-jawed, born to rule shithead.  He should have ceased to have been a Minister long, long ago. But, for the life of us, we cannot yet see the business between Tudge and Miller as more than the messy aftermath of an ill-advised and tangled but consensual affair between high-intensity adults, between a powerful boss and their hardly-powerless underling.

If you are a boss and have an affair with an underling, you own it. If you are an underling and have an affair with a boss, you own it. Beyond that, we don’t see that either Tudge or Miller have behaved well, but at the moment we don’t see how it is anybody else’s business, other than their families’. Below is the video of the press conference that Miller gave yesterday. Feel free to tell us where we’re wrong.

*) Seriously. Sort of.

**) Seriously. Sort of.

3 Replies to “In Defense of Alan Tudge”

  1. The only thing that would have made that press conference even remotely interesting if she mentioned that Tudge had a micropenis. Beyond that, hell hath no fury… like a woman shagged and dumped. Only regret is the impact that it might have on Tudge’s ITE review. Personally, I hope that TFA suffers mightily as ‘collateral damage’.

  2. I don’t think Alan Tudge needs defending. I’m sure as a rich, powerful man he’s doing just fine.

    The affair was not the news. It was the allegations of a toxic workplace culture and verbal abuse. As for whether it’s our business, it seems that Miller is choosing to share her story. Are you saying she shouldn’t speak or that we shouldn’t listen to her?

    I think she revealed an interesting irony in the anecdote about how while visiting a town to spruik a cashless welfare card (justified partly by the idea of making it harder for certain communities to buy alcohol) the minister and his staffer got completely hammered.

    1. wst, I think that is an absolutely absurd characterisation of Miller’s “story” and her reasons for telling it.

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