This Blog Might Get Interesting

Yesterday we met for the first time a very nice fellow, who reads this blog and who occasionally comments. He gave us the present above, obviously with a hat tip to our vodka shtick:

Of course this very kind gift should not be misconstrued as a suggestion to other commenters. It should be considered more of a command.

2 Replies to “This Blog Might Get Interesting”

  1. Marty, I know the fellow you mention. Hard working, intelligent, passionate, dedicated, humble. But like many new graduate teachers, this fellow was trampled on. This fellow was chewed up and spat out *

    I think of teachers like this fellow whenever I hear the bleating and the mewling and the hand wringing of what can be done to attract and retain mathematics teachers. It’s all crocodile tears. You only have to look at the treatment of many graduate teachers to know the answer.

    I hope this fellow finds a school that is more supportive and kind. I hope this fellow returns to the classroom.

    * Name of school is deliberately omitted. (You know who you are. You’re the problem).

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