Close Encounters of the Turd Kind

In his press conference today, Prime Minister ScoMoFo gave the new definition of “close contact”:

And the definition for a close contact is as follows … except in exceptional circumstances, a close contact is a household contact … of a confirmed case only. A household contact is someone who lives with a case or has spent more than four hours with them in a house, accommodation or care facility.

Of course. Because omicron is so hard to catch you gotta be with someone for four hours to pass it on.*

For those who wish to let ScoMoFo know what they think, they can contact him, i.e. his staff, here. Please note that it is important to not be polite, since neither ScoMoFo nor the goons who man his office give a toss what you think, and the only point of this exercise is to make you feel better.**


*) Crikey’s compilation of this lunatic’s denial of reality, including his naked, dick-in-your-face lying, can be read here.

**) It worked for me, at least for a couple minutes.

6 Replies to “Close Encounters of the Turd Kind”

  1. Marti,

    For some light relief the Treasurer us coming under increasing pressure in Kooyong

    From Monique Ryan an independant who is suck of the “inaction” plan on climate change

    He lost 8% of his vote last time to Burnside/Yates and rarely visits his constituents
    Unless he has s supporting Tim Smith.

    Steve R

    1. Thanks, Steve. Frydenberg is one of the least revolting Liberals, but is still plenty revolting. I think it’s wishful thinking to think he’ll be voted outed, but it’s a pleasant dream.

      1. Agreed…. Rather Josh than Dutton for pm if the liberals hold on …But he shouldn’t get too complacent ….

        I hoping for a close result with some quality independents like Ms Ryan holding the balance of power . Unfortunately The Nationals hold too much power with the current set up so we get no action on climate and renewables

        Steve R

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