Putting Putting Two and Two Together Together

It’s time for a moment of shameless self-promotion. Burkard’s and my latest book has just appeared (electronic and pre-order), courtesy of the American Mathematical Society. It’s of course available at all good bookstores. So, Australians will have to order it online.

19 Replies to “Putting Putting Two and Two Together Together”

  1. Marty, I must disagree with your implication! (But it makes for a cheap laugh). I’ll give a free shout-out to Dymocks, Robinsons Bookshop and Readings. All are great bookstores and have worked very hard to stay relevant, particularly over the last 2 years.

    (*Sigh* … I still miss Borders at the Jam Factory …)

    1. Yeah, not quite sure what happened, although I think Burkard plugged it on Mathologer. but, it may just be a covid delay.

      Also, amazon should be the *last* resort!

  2. Marti,

    Do you intend to put a few copies in local shops like Readings or Uni Book shops?

    I’d rather fund them or AMS before Amazon.

    Steve R

      1. Marti
        Perhaps if you ask nicely as Readings have a science section ….I have a friend who photographed street art and managed to get copies of his book displayed in Hawthorn . I think he must have sold a few as the book was reprinted .
        Steve R

    1. We did actually participate in the Melbourne Writers Festival for one book. But this publisher doesn’t seem to consider such things.

  3. Out of curiosity, what level of book sales have the different books done? I know they’re not Harry Potter, but just curious what the numbers are.

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