6 Replies to “PoSWW 24: Proportional Reasoning”

  1. I was waiting to see who had the fortitude to comment on here. It (professional and personal misconduct) is a minefield and any misstep may well be your last. This guy was a (smart) fool with a libertarian streak (pun intended).
    If he thinks he can be reinstated without a picket line of aggrieved students and pressure from the student union he’s even sillier. And he’s finished in academia with regards to moving elsewhere now his name is released
    I can tell you now the atmosphere on campus about anything like this is:

    Don’t say anything…….to anyone…..about anything that may be anything….because you don’t know who’s listening and when something may be dredged up years from now.

    As for the comments of Nalini Joshi I have the following thing (or nothing) to say:

  2. Thanks Simon for being bold enough to comment. I get the sense universities are walking a bit of a tightrope at the moment trying to be seen to be fair to all but also having to respond to (what seems to be quite a lot recently) media reports of misconduct.

    Schools are somewhat less interesting but not immune.

    Many private school teachers (myself included) have clauses in our contracts that we will not communicate with “the media” without permission of the principal.

    I wonder sometimes if commenting here breaches that clause.

    SO I use two different pseudonyms in the hope it throws my colleagues off the scent.

    1. If you read the case, it doesn’t sound to me like the university was much concerned for any tightrope.

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