It’s Time for ScoMoFo to Go

Dear God, yes, we accept that people are stupid. But please don’t let Australians be so, so stupid as to vote back in this loathsome and destructive fraud. And, to everyone who can’t wait to see the demise of the scumbag, you know what to do: vote early and vote often.


John Friend has come up with the excellent (even if facetious) suggestion to have a competition: best caption for the above photo. The winner will receive a signed copy of Burkard’s and my new book, Putting Two and Two Together.

35 Replies to “It’s Time for ScoMoFo to Go”

  1. I think we should have a competition – the best caption to that photo. A few thoughts come to mind …

  2. One side will break its promises and the other side will not get the opportunity to break its promises.

        1. An interesting point actually Terry – get elected: break promises. Don’t get elected: pretend you would have kept your promises.

          I’m sure it is just my cynical (experienced?) view of the world. The person I vote 1 for never seems to get elected regardless of the electorate.

  3. My caption:

    How long do I need to wait for this to become a diamond?

    But I think Sir Humphrey gets my vote so far (not that my vote counts, since I live in a “safe” seat).

  4. Nice blog Marty. Happy Easter.
    Your book is on the way…hopefully couriered to me soon.
    Looking forward to your autograph…

  5. “Be afraid, be scared, it will hurt you. It’s ScoMo.”

    (Spoken by the lump of coal in Parliament)

  6. If anyone can help… I’m working on something that includes “where the sun don’t shine” in reference to his preference for coal over renewables but can’t get the wording right…


      1. I shoot first. Whatever I hit, I rename as “the target”.

        Tactic borrowed from Clive Palmer, UAP Brisbane.

        In all seriousness I’m playing a fun game and if entering multiple times is against the spirit of the competition, then I declare myself ineligible for the prize.

        But will continue commenting until Marty stops me.

  7. Hi,

    Assuming there are not many “right wing” conservative climate change deniers reading this blog then…

    I think Emmanuel Macron has it nailed with “I don’t think ,I know”

    Alternatively “SLOMO Inaction Man” on Net Zero by 2030, etc works for me

    Steve R

    1. BTW as an aside Scott Morrison anagrams to “Sort Morons! Tic” or ” Con ,Mrs Risotto” or “Omicrons trots” …

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