Yet More Mathematics Books, Free to More Homes

Same as last time, and last last time. This pile is mostly graduate texts, with quite a few classics, but there are also some excellent undergraduate texts, and some oddballs.

Please comment below or email me if you have any interest in any of the books or if you have any questions. Quickly. I’m happy to consider meeting up here or there in Melbourne, but I definitely won’t be mailing any books this time. I’m tired of people not saying thanks.

















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19 Replies to “Yet More Mathematics Books, Free to More Homes”

  1. A nice mix of books there – definitely some oddballs! The not-quite-vanished PhD student in me would have loved some of them – a couple are literally still on my book wish list! Current me knows that I don’t have time to dedicate to them and someone else could benefit more!

      1. I once read a story about a man in Japan who had many many books. He decided to reduce his collection to one book. He had the book framed and placed on the wall as a sort of icon.

        I find it easier to get rid of book the more I reduce my collection. At times, I have even recycled them: at least they do some good then.

        You should post a photo when you get down to only Spivak.

  2. Hi Marty!
    I was wondering what books you would recommend that are suitable for a capable VCE student (doing specialist maths)? Although obviously none of the books are targeted at a VCE level would there be any that would be at least somewhat accessible? My friend and I are very interested in maths and physics and would like to extend our learning beyond the confines of the VCAA study design.
    Also, my friend would like the Albert Einstein book.
    Thanks, Oscar.

    1. When I was an undergraduate, I won a prize of 100 dollars to be spent on books relevant to my studies. I wrote down all the book that I wanted but did not get to 100 dollars; then I asked several of my lecturers for suggestions and added them to the list; still did not get to $100; so I bought a book on the works of Michelangelo (I was in a BA) to reach 100 dollars. Next year I won 50 dollars in the same prize; I bought “Principia Mathematica” for about 50 dollars.

      1. Sorry – just checked – the prizes were in pounds.

        also “all the books” not “all the book”.

  3. Who didn’t say thanks? Name and shame! Let’s be Twitter.

    Anyway, these are gold. There are some here I definitely would drive to grab, but not drive to Melbourne to grab. Now if I happened to be at MATRIX then I would swing by, but that won’t be happening for many months. Sorry Marty!

    1. Thanks, Glen, I don’t mind putting a few books aside under the assumption/hope that you’ll visit Melbourne, although I’m guessing the ones you’d be after have been grabbed.

      1. If they are gone by the time I get there, that’s fair! I just realised I need to go to Melbourne for the Humboldt conference, that’s in November. If any of these are left I will very happily grab them:

        Guo-Lakshmi Nonlinear problems…
        Fraenkel Abstract Algebra
        Diffusion Processes and PDE (x2? or are they the same?)
        Darboux volumes
        Functional Analysis
        Lectures in Geometry (x3? or are they the same?)
        Elements of Functional Analysis
        Stillwell x 2
        Directions in PDE
        Fourier Transforms
        Differential and Riemannian Manifolds
        Mikhlin on inequalities
        Is that “On potential theory”? If so, yes
        Global Analysis and its Applications (x3)
        Elements of Real Analysis
        An introduction to analysis
        A first course in analysis
        Geometry of manifolds
        Intermediate Mathematical Analysis
        Patty (x2? are they the same?)

          1. Thanks for the books (and chat) Marty, very much appreciated! Plastic bag was encoffeenated despite my carrying skill, but books are unscathed.

  4. Marty,

    I have had my share already and hope I said thank-you …

    I have an interest in the physics texts if not already allocated and a couple of others caught my eye

    300 years of gravitation Hawking & Israel
    Statistical Physics Landau
    Elementary Methods in the analytical theory of numbers
    Naïve Decision Making Komer
    Elements of Real Analysis Bartle
    Permutation groups Passman

    Steve R

    1. Hi, Steve. I have “300 Years” and “Elementary Methods” for you. Send me an email and we’ll figure out how to meet up.

      1. Marti,
        Many Thanks. will get back to you shortly
        Previous pick up location would work for me if you have time in coming weeks
        Steve R

        1. Hi, Steve. Still need to get these books to you. Please send me an email if you’re still interested.

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