8 Replies to “Phew!”

  1. That’s too restrained for you Marty.
    I’d have expected something more like, Fuck the fuck off you evil fucking fuck.

  2. I’ve been bouncing between the ABC news analysis (online) and the AEC Tally Room all evening with restrained, but mounting, hope. Breathing again, indeed!

    I would have liked to have seen Smirko and Dutton lose their seats, but, well, you can’t have everything. Frydenberg being ousted is very sweet.

    1. Yeah, a shame not to get rid of Dutton, although his presence will probably make things worse for The Liberals. He’s presumably gonna lead, and he’s hardly the face of conciliation and reform.

  3. It will (as if) be some time before the general public realise the great debt of gratitude that “so many owe to so…phew”…Yup, these “self sacrificing wombat worriers” have so shocked the general public with their “Disney Care” attitudes to Global Warming and fossil fuel dependence that things are now actually beginning to happen! Putin has single handedly forced Europe to go “cap in hand” to America & the Saudi’s for oil and gas! Europe has now woken up to the need to be weaned off fossil fuel…Yahoo! Australia has proudly kicked scomofo into touch, America has yet to determine whether Trump will get a second chance to become “Monarch of the Glen”…Putin, Trump, Scomofo, and (hopefully) our blonde, beady eyed U-turning Boris (who seems more intent on becoming the next NATO Chief than doing his job) have all “lit the blue touchpaper”…The public are no longer 15th century uneducated serfs…
    Just can’t happen fast enough for me to see the planet pull through during my lifetime – but these goons have inadvertently given it the “kick up the backside” that’s needed…
    Aye shall raise my glass to them…Slainte Mhath, salute, cheers…Aye’m choking (back the tears)…Can’t breathe, lol
    Congratulations! Very defo in order to all you guys “Down Under”…

  4. Marti,

    I like to thank Scomo for making Monique Ryan’s task in Kooyong slightly less difficult

    Josh wielded out Howard,Downer,Pesutto,Ted Baillieu to help him at pre polling

    Not to mention 2.5M in paid advertising and attack ads during the campaign

    But he couldn’t compete with 3000 volunteers and a well managed campaign by Rob Baillieu and his team to catch the vote of disgruntled small liberals

    Steve R

  5. I love you guys!

    I am working on Radical Life Extension (one life is not enough) and if we can avoid The World’s Last Mass Extinction, one of future professios in one of my future lives will be Mathematician.


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