An Amber Heard of Sheep

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Yeah, we’ve written about golden ratio twaddle a few times, although we tend not to bother. Sir Theodore Cook said it all a century ago. But, on occasion, we have cause to give the phi nonsense another whack. And, as it happens, we’ve been working on one such post when more nonsense came rolling in.

Classy media outlets, such as The Australian, are currently trumpeting the news that Amber Heard, whatever her other failings, also has the most beautiful face in the world. Because golden ratio. This stunning news coming courtesy of some cosmetic surgery clowns.

This nonsense will never end, of course. The Australian report, which took the angle of seeking to abolish “the beauty standard”, and seemingly any beauty standard, was notable in that it quoted UNSW mathematician Thomas Britz at length:

The ratio itself is very simple, and was initially seen thousands of years ago in mathematics.

Then it was extrapolated to be seen in nature, and then those beautiful mathematical proportions were used to judge beauty.

A lot of people hold (the ratio) as important to them, and they aim towards it. 

The reporter then declares that the golden ratio “is embedded in our society”, quoting Britz to the effect that, during the Renaissance, “[m]illions of identical statues and portraits were produced and the beauty standard was born”. Then, Britz again:

The Golden Ratio gave a bias to society that means you then seek that ratio out in order to find beauty. That still exists today. 

Uh, thanks very much Tom, but you’re not helping.


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  1. I think I love the misuse of the Golden Ratio more than I love the golden ratio itself.
    I went to a Jeffrey Smart exhibition in Canberra earlier this year (it was great) – and here is the blurb on the wall for a painting called “On the Roof”, and the painting itself (warning – nudity)

    View post on

    (and did anyone notice that: the first letter of Amber is A which is the 1st letter in the alphabet; the first letter of Heard is H, which is the 8th letter of the alphabet; that there are 2 words in her name; that there are 5 letters in each part of her name; and that there are a total of 3 syllables in her name? All these numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, and 8) are part of the Fibonacci series – therefore golden ratio! It all makes cosmic sense!)

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