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From time to time, I’ve had guest posts on this blog: see here, here, here, here and here. More accurately, these guest posts were pre-written articles that the authors agreed to be republished on the blog. In any case, I’m happy to contemplate more such posts, pre-written or otherwise, and I’m now inviting readers to consider this.

In general, I’d hope to be very non-censorious when it comes to accepting such submissions, and to be non-editorial except by request. So, for example, if someone thinks they have a brilliant How CAS Saved Victoria’s Mathematics Education article in them, I am, by default, more than happy to publish it. And, if someone is confident their writing is beautifully brilliant, and is not seeking my proofreading or advice, then that is fine.

In summary, I’m happy to consider posting any article within the broad themes of this blog, but it is your neck.

Also, a warning. I don’t think my writing on this blog, or elsewhere, is anything like great, but it is generally serviceable and it is mighty tough to accomplish even that. Writing well is really hard work.

4 Replies to “Host Requests Posts by Guests”

  1. What do your correspondents think about the Australian Mathematics Competition? How do they use it in their schools?

    1. Terry, if you want to be a little more off-topic, you might consider discussing the disappointing soybean crop in the US.

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