Secret 2022 Further Business: Exam 2 Discussion

Same old thing. Exam 1 discussion is here.


2 Replies to “Secret 2022 Further Business: Exam 2 Discussion”

  1. It was very straight forward, lots of things not assessed between the two exams. There was little that was difficult or new that was on the paper that we hadn’t seen before. No doubt, the further students will struggle with percentages and rounding as they often do. Finance was ridiculous easy, don’t know if that’s bc it was done so poorly last year.
    I’m intrigued to see if anyone has a better strategy for maximum flow questions when you have to increase a pipe/road capacity etc. I use the tally method for finding the max flow, but it seems easier to use the cut method to compare when adjusting a capacity. This seems too longwinded for me, I’m sure there’s a more efficient way.

    While the maths isn’t very exciting in FM, (will be GM next year), the student numbers in MM and SM continue to drop, so this will eventually be all of our VCE teaching load one day. Makes me a little sad.

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