Remembering Mike Deakin

It’s not my thing to repeat posts, and I don’t do InstaTicker, or whatever is the current social medium sinkhole. But it is seemingly a good time to humbly remind readers of this post, on the mathematician Michael Deakin. I had promised then to write about Mike in the “future”, but the future came quicker than I anticipated. I still plan to write more on Mike soon (for some value of “soon”).

My post from last year, a republishing of a 2014 Maths Masters column, begins

Younger readers may not previously have heard of Michael Deakin, but they should know of him. Mike lectured for many years at Monash University and many (older) maths teachers would have been taught by him. More widely, Mike’s decades of tireless work on the magazine Function has had a profound influence on thousands of Australian teachers and students, including a young Maths Master.

Mike Deakin is worth remembering for the great man he was, and the great he did. I encourage readers to do so.

7 Replies to “Remembering Mike Deakin”

  1. I recall Mike coming to Bendigo to give a nice talk on his book “Hypatia Of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr” – which is still in print.

  2. This just showed up when I was looking to see if I could buy someone a copy of my Dad’s book. (The Name of the Number). I still remember overhearing him talking to Mum about his graduate students, about Function– his rather mysterious, personal Mathematics world. It’s so nice to know he was appreciated, I’ve only appreciated him more as I’ve got older– I find myself wondering at times what he would make of some of the excesses of our world 10 years after his death– he always identified with the phrase “I don’t suffer fools gladly” and whatever I’ve inherited from him sees a job lot of fools around. But you are all clearly his kind of people–so I just thought I’d say hello over the ether, and nice you still remember him 🙂

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