Larry’s Curlies Get Mowed

The news is that Larry Marshall, amateur water diviner and professional science-dicking entrepreneur, has “opted not to try to extend his role” as CSIRO’s Chief Executive. Thank Christ.

And what next? A piece of AFR puffery reports that

Larry Marshall is set on transforming the university sector as his next big challenge.

Maybe somebody should tell Larry that Australia’s universities are already culture-deadened wastelands, and so his anti-talents would be better employed elsewhere.

One Reply to “Larry’s Curlies Get Mowed”

  1. Nice title Marty. As you yourself said somewhere once, (something like) “I give good title”.
    As a gag, reminds me of when a very short clairvoyant escaped from custody – there was a short medium at large.
    And excited this guy is going – at some stage he said (something like) “science is about enhancing the talents and living conditions of humans…” – a loooong way from a conventional (or my) definition of science.

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