A Quick Game

This one has no deeper meaning, or at least not much. On a recent excursion with the little monsters to Electronic Noise Hell, we noticed the sign above, which didn’t seem quite right. Teachers may enjoy having their students get puzzled and/or unpuzzled. (The very friendly service girl was determinedly not puzzled, except by our puzzlement.)

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  1. So… if I pay 30 twice I get 70.

    Can I then pay this 70 back to get 90?

    Can I keep 20 of this, pay the balance of 70 and then have 110?

    Can I keep 10 of this, pay 100 and now have 160?

    I jest of course, not sure who would pay 70 to get 90 when the 50 is a better deal.

    1. RF, you’re assuming that what you’re buying is money. It’s not (well, it is, but it’s not). What you’re buying is Game Card Money (*) that can only be spent at ENH.

      Pay 30 dollars of you’re hard-earned, and get 35 dollars of Game Card Money that can be used to buy stuff at ENH. A fancy way of saying pay 30 dollars to buy 35 dollars worth of coupons that can be used in ENH to buy stuff but which will be absolutely worthless once you leave.

      A ‘clever’ psychological gimmick.

      * Unredeemable I assume.

      1. Sure… except that is not clear anywhere on the sign.

        Neither part is clear.

        1. Why can I not pay with Game Card Money, both are using the same symbol for the currency, and so, in the absence of any further information, I assume the currencies are equal.

        2. Why do I not get the currency I pay with? Again, there is nothing to suggest any different.

        Maybe there are terms and conditions on the website where you actually buy these things.

        In either case – I’m not entirely bothered.

  2. Somebody thinks that 3/10 is smaller than 2/7! That’s actually a nice little fact for primary school fractions (the difference being 1/70 I mean).

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