The New Australian Mathematics Curriculum

There must be a better way of doing this. But, we’re a blogger of very little brain, so we’ll do it this way.

Having slogged our way through the new Mathematics Curriculum, we’ve read enough to realise that we’ll be writing plenty more. It seems worthwhile, there, having a dedicated meta-post for these posts. This is it. (It is and will remain a subset of The ACARA Page.)

Paralleling the ACARA Crash series on the draft curriculum, the majority of the upcoming posts will be in the just-created New Cur series. As indicated below, we’ve slightly retitled three posts to be the beginning of this series.


The Australian Curriculum is Up (09/05/2022 – The new curriculum)


New Cur 31: The Poverty of No Expectations (27/09/2023 – The mush)

New Cur 30: The Complete Pain Words (06/09/2023 – The writing)

New Cur 29: Negative Definite (21/08/2023 – The omni-nonpresence of definition)

New Cur 28: Digital Tools (13/08/2023 – The omnipresence of electronic technology)

New Cur 27: The Proof is in the Plodding (05/05/2023 – The anti-preponderance of proof)

New Cur 26: Algorithmic Sinking (04/03/2023 – The preponderance of algorithms)

New Cur 25: Some Cultures Are More Equal Than Others (28/02/2023 – The weighting of cultural/historical elaborations)

David de Carvalho, Annotated, Again (26/02/2023 – Another speech)

New Cur 24: ATSI Elaborations and the Games People Play (20/02/2023 – Indigenous games)

New Cur 23: False Equivalence (05/02/2023 – the abuse of “equivalence”)

New Cur 22: Stupor Model (05/01/23 – the frequency of certain words)

New Cur 21: Depression of the Mean (04/01/2023 – the thinness of Statistics)

New Cur 20: No Roads Lead to Rome (01/01/2023 – the non-existence of Roman numerals)

New Cur 19: Turning Japanese (December 30, 2022 – Japanese numerals)

New Cur 18: To be two, or not to be 2 (29/12/2022 – numerals and names)

New Cur 17: Natural Selection (28/12/2022 – the (non)-definition of “natural number”)

New Cur 16: The Decimation of ACARA’s Elaborations (16/12/2022 – “decluttering” the curriculum)

New Cur 15: The Vastness of Space (15/12/2022 – ACARA’s idiotic name for geometry)

New Cur 14: Moving the Decimal Point, and Other Sins (14/12/2022 – language policing)

New Cur 13: A Probable Grand Slam (13/12/2022 – Year 5 Probability)

New Cur 12: A Futile Quad Wrangle (10/12/2022 – quadrilaterals in F-6)

New Cur 11: Circling the Good (09/12/2022 – almost Archimedes)

New Cur 10: Positively Disposing of Mastery (08/12/2022 – words)

New Cur 9: Less Than Optimal (07/12/2022 – optimisation)

New Cur 8: Repeated Probability (06/12/2022 – probability)

New Cur 7: Logjam (05/12/2022 – logarithms)

New Cur 6: Necessity is the Mother of Convention (04/12/2022 – zero exponent)

New Cur 5: Non-Reoccurring Decimals (03/12/2022 – removal of the x trick)

New Cur 4: Golden Moments (02/12/2022 – golden ratio nonsense)

The Awfullest Australian Curriculum Probability Lines (28/11/2022 – a selection of the worst Probability lines)

The Awfullest Australian Curriculum Statistics Lines (18/11/2022 – a random selection of (every) worst Statistics lines)

The Awfullest Australian Curriculum Space Lines (02/11/2022 – a selection of the worst (ugh!) Space)

The Awfullest Australian Curriculum Measurement Lines (19/102022 – a selection of the worst Measurement)

The Awfullest Australian Curriculum Algebra Lines (06/10/2022 – a selection of the worst Algebra)

New Cur 3: ACARA’s Not an Option (25/09/2022 – ACARA’s hiding of optional Year 10 material)

New Cur 2: Not the Volume of a Cone (22/09/2022 – ACARA’s non-treatment of cones)

The Awfullest Australian Curriculum Number Lines (21/09/2022 – a selection of the worst Number)

Australian Curriculum Awfulnesses (08/09/2022 – a growing list of awful 1-liners)

New Cur 1 + PoSWW 29: Cut Down in One’s Prime (02/09/2022 – prime number idiocy)

De Carvalho Hawks the New Curriculum (24/06/2022 – Radio National interview)

AustMS Reminds Us That ACARA Stuffed Up (07/06/2022 – remarks from AustMS President, Ole Warnaar)


A Bita Crap (03/04/2022 – A ridiculous report on the approval)

ACARA, Annotated (02/04/2022 – ACARA’s media release)

And Thus it Ends (April Fools’ Day, 2022 – formal statements from the Minister and ACARA)

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