VIT Gets the Love They Earned

The Victorian Institute of Teaching conducted a survey of teachers last year. Let’s say the results weren’t overwhelmingly positive.

I’ve previously made clear my feelings about VIT. Just last week I heard a story about a teacher currently being dicked around by VIT that made my blood boil. I can’t tell the story, I can’t help the teacher, but I can reiterate that I regard VIT as a thoroughly incompetent and thoroughly loathsome organisation.

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  1. I know of teachers from the UK refused registration because the system is different there. Most degrees are three years and VIT insists on fours years of uni. This means that some good teachers cannot teach here. The rigidity of the bureaucracy is crazy.

    1. I interpret VIT’s requirements to be something like BA, DipEd. If VIT gave its approval to teachers from UK with say BA only, then Australians would expect the same.

  2. Dave, I’ll leave your comment up, but be careful. If you have more detail to the accusation that VIT is wasting money in this manner, I’m happy for you to email me and we can discuss. Or, you can include links in a comment.

  3. Even I know that 48 percent is not a majority.

    Most frequent response – perhaps – as in “THE most people said it”

    NOT “Most people said it” which would be more like 65-75 percent or anything below about 80 percent.

    And the 13 percent feeling indifferent is – a rather high number – more than twice Margin of Error.

    [tight: 2 percent. Generous: 5 percent]

    “Queries were answered in a timely manner” … what was the timing involved? 30? 60? 90 days?

    Or are there separate times/deadlines related to the complexity of tasks?

    1. Yes, there is no sense in which 48% is a “majority”. Presumably they mean a plurality. But in any case, 48% “resolved” is atrocious.

      1. I know!

        The passive voice. [were resolved]

        WHO resolved it and HOW and WHY and WHAT were their motivations?

        Especially when it comes to “issue” which is one of the weasel words I tried to train out of my writing.

        You might as well say that the problems were reheated for the sense that makes.

        And if MyVIT was easier to access than it was 10 years ago …

        Yes – a plurality is what was meant.

        And that means that 52 percent were NOT resolved.

        Can you have your issue resolved and be indifferent [to the outcome]?

  4. They are meant to be open 9 am – 5 pm Mon – Frid. Tried ringing at 4 pm today (Friday) and got a recorded message saying closed for the day. They are a contemptible organisation.

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