13 Replies to “What I’m Reading, and Why”

  1. There is a good web comic at xkcd.com. There is another website, explainxkcd.com, which (as you’d think) explains some of the tricky ideas of xkcd.com. explainxkcd.com has a tagline, “it’s ’cause you’re dumb”.
    In the same way, this post, particularly, makes me feel dumb. What the? explainmathematicalcrap.com?

  2. This ‘puzzle’ isn’t difficult to solve. In the current climate when some fail to even define what a woman is reading a book on Cultural Revolution can be very enlightening.
    I would also recommend to read Cathy Young. American journalist, feminist and simply amazing woman judging by her writings.

  3. If you have not read it (I bet you have), I recommend A Vintage Season (short story). Something you said about the past being a foreign country made me think of it. (Not math related.)

      1. It’s a fun read (a notable short story, very anthologized). And your remark about past being a foreign country made me think of it. Just another reflection of that statement.

  4. Of topic, but I wondered what your mean Marty take was on these two math text/programs:

    1. Art of Problem Solving & Beast Academy texts. (Somewhat inquiry learning, but pretty framed in step by step and still with lots of problems. Geared to smarter kids that want to end up doing math contests. Pretty wordy but breaks it up regularly with problems.)

    2. Saxon (not geared to higher end, very drill intensive, probably most popular program with US homeschooling, low wordiness challenge).

    1. People I trust say very good things about “Art”, but I’ve only glanced. I’ve never heard of Saxon.

  5. Anti-Nonsense on all fronts I see. I just found my way here from mathologer, so it’s a pleasant surprise in an environment where popular figures/things find more and more difficulty being associated with your (our) sort, unless they’re political.

  6. Dr Lawford-Smith is a masterful whataboutist.

    The data are clear on which groups suffer the most violence from transgender issues, and it should be no surprise that given there’s a lot of transgender people at Unimelb, there’s been a visceral reaction to a prominent professor’s public commentary against them – especially when that professor teaches about these issues. Obviously, calling her a fascist is absurd hyperbole.

    Don’t be an old man yelling at trees, Marty. There are targets you’re far more qualified to hit.

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