VIT Annual Registration: A Request For Information

VIT is still completing applications for the 2023 annual registration (for which applications were due September 30, 2022). I am trying to figure out an aspect of this nonsense, and I would really like to hear from or about teachers who have had their registration delayed, from whom VIT has requested “further documentation”, and so on.

If you have any such information you are willing and permitted to share, please email me at my gmail address. (Or, you can use the standard contact methods for this blog). Of course I would not publish any such information received, even anonymised, without express permission.

Please do not include substantive personal information in the comments, even your own. Such comments will be deleted immediately.


6 Replies to “VIT Annual Registration: A Request For Information”

  1. I have heard that the VIT requires at least half of the mandatory twenty hours of professional learning to be obtained by attending professional development conducted by organisations external to the school you teach at. I cannot see anything on the VIT website that confirms or denies this.

    I figured this blog was as good a place as any to ask if anyone knows whether or not what I have heard is true.

    @Marty: Did you get much response to your call out?

    1. I find that hard to believe, even given the nastiness and stupidity of VIT. No, I didn’t get much response. A few interesting stories, which I couldn’t reasonably chase up.

      1. Yes, I found it hard to believe too. But not impossible to believe. The person I talked to was reliable and adamant.

        1. In which case that person had some evidence, right? Not asking for you to reproduce it here, but it’s odd to be adamant without proof.

          1. I have sought further information and asked around. Apparently it used to be a requirement but it is no longer a requirement.

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