12 Replies to “PoSWW 38: Double, Double, Toilet and Trouble”

  1. Nope, not by a long shot it doesnt. What about those who identify as furrys? And Hobbits, what about the Hobbits? Its still discriminatory. (Maybe a single universal symbol that means “Do your business here regardless of how you identify yourself and who you are”.)

  2. Bloody hell, it’s a picture to indicate the presence of unisex bathrooms, which I imagine are completely separated single rooms. What’s the issue?

  3. Where do people of color go?

    Good thing this can’t happen in Germany; we can’t introduce a speed limit on motorways because we’re short of signs. Just practising sarcasm . . .

    1. Im sure people of color are there but cant be distinguished from the background.

      (Maybe Victoria could export speed limit signs to Germany because we have plenty)

  4. The sign’s inclusion of society’s most marginalised and neglected is commendable. Hats off to whichever airport caters for ‘men with left-pointing erections who have been cut in half with a circular saw’. Respect.

  5. Hi Marty

    If you are allowed to say…

    Out if interest where is this strange politically incorrect sign located? Perhaps in SE MEL would be my guess!

    Steve R

    1. Yes sorry
      Looking more closely at the photo I don’t think my guess was very accurate
      Steve R

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