VIT Gets Love on the Radio

A couple months ago we posted on VIT‘s teacher satisfaction survey. Suffice to say, there wasn’t much indication of satisfaction. This morning, local ABC radio gave VIT more of the same.

Early in the ABC program there was an interview with an executive from AITSL, on out-of-field teaching (at 15:25). AITSL is another organisation we would all be better off without, and the interview largely missed the point, but it didn’t matter. The interview was followed immediately by a talkback caller, who moved the spotlight to be square on VIT (at 22:20). A number of callers and texters throughout the morning ensured that the spotlight did not move:

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    1. There should be a teacher professional body responsible for accreditation, reaccreditation and investigation of misconduct allegations and complaints. However, the VIT as it currently operates is not that body. I dont think it cares that it is doing more harm than good. Teacher friends tell me that it justifies all its actions with the mantra of ‘maintaining professional standards’, ‘mandated by legislation’ etc.

      1. Thanks, A. I have two posts in the works on this central and very important point. One post will hopefully be done in the next day or so. The other is tricker and in flux, and it may take a while for it to appear.

      2. I’m an outsider here, but what’s wrong with a simple system requiring teachers have the appropriate degrees, and not have criminal records? I think that would solve all the problems.

        1. Well, playing Dickheads’ Advocate for a moment, VIT might reply: (a) It takes a lot to decide on “appropriate degrees”; (b) Since we’re seeking to protect children, we have to beyond considering criminal records.

        2. There is nothing wrong with such a system. Victoria (and probably most parts of the world) had such a system before VIT existed.

          The current system is not simple.

          Also, when VIT was launched, they were advertised as “advocating for teachers”. This was quietly dropped many years ago, so the reasons why VIT was started and the reasons why VIT continues to exist are non-equal sets.

          1. VIT “advocating for teachers” was not just dropped, VIT explicitly says that it does NOT advocate for teachers. Truer words never said.
            Organisations forget why they do things. Whats the justification for continuing to include a formula sheet for Exam 2s when students can bring in a bound reference and the CAS can store the equivalent of a textbook?
            How many times do you hear people say “Thats what weve always done” when asked why something is done a certain way?

            1. In both cases though it is not the way it was always done.

              Go back far enough and there were no formula sheets; students were expected to know things.

              Similarly, before VIT existed there was no professional body advocating for teachers (the AEU perhaps, but even that is debatable nowadays)

              1. “Go back far enough and there were no formula sheets; students were expected to know things.” Maybe. Im not that old, but I know that going back at least until the early 60s students could bring in Kaye and Laby Four-Figure Maths Tables and this ‘book’ contained formulas (back inside cover). So students have had a ‘formula sheet’ for at least more than 60 years. Calculators came in and the tables went out but the formula sheet remained by default I suppose. I think it was not until the middle 2000s that the normal distribution tables were removed from the formula sheet. But since the allowance of a bound reference (mid 90s?) there is no need for a formula sheet in Exam 2 and yet it still exists. People forget why things are the way they are.

                The union advocated for teachers in the 70s. It was very powerful. Then something changed and it got weak. It was no longer a powerful advocate for teachers. Nevertheless in theory if not in practice its meant to be an advocate. Maybe it will be powerful again someday. I dont think VIT was ever intended to be an advocate for teachers. But I do know it was never meant to be an advocate against teachers but everything I hear suggests that it is.

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