Crikey, That’s Bad

On Friday, Crikey published an opinion piece by Guy Rundle. Within hours, after wide and strong criticism, Crikey “unpublished” Rundle’s piece and apologised to readers and to the subject of the piece. Crikey gave reasons for this, and it seems the overwhelming majority of people who have read the piece agree with Crikey. I don’t. I believe Crikey’s unpublishing Rundle’s piece was a mistake.

A note to commenters: I will delete immediately any comment on the substance of Rundle’s piece, any comment that argues the piece’s truth or falsity, any comment arguing the piece’s merits or demerits. Commenters are free to give their opinion on Rundle and/or his piece. They are free to give their opinion on Crikey’s publishing and then unpublishing Rundle’s piece. They are free to give their opinion on my support here for Rundle. But that’s it. There is a debate to be had, but this blog is not the appropriate forum for that debate.

UPDATE (18/06/23)

I’ve just had pointed out to me this article, which argues strongly for Rundle’s piece and against Crikey’s depublishing it.

7 Replies to “Crikey, That’s Bad”

  1. I agree that Rundle’s piece should not have been removed. The editorial message posted, the apology, is poor IMO. I’d have much preferred something more honest.

    This era of censorship is not good. Not for us.

    1. Hard to believer that this is the same Crikey that is the child of Private Media, which had the balls to take on Lachlan Murdoch and win.

      1. It is clearly not the same Crikey. I was a subscriber from the early, Wild West days and kept it up for a long time only (well, 90%) because of Rundle. Quit a few years ago, when the lack of writing was on the wall.

  2. No free speech at Crikey. They are also useful idiots for the big business lobby the way they cheer on limitless visa immigration.

    1. I’m not sure this is exactly a free speech issue. Your bashing “them” on immigration, valid or otherwise, is off the point.

  3. The network is more powerful than old media – check out the work of John Robb if you are interested in insights on the power of censorship from tribal networks including Twitter etc. A very worrying trend.

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