16 Replies to “WitCH 104: They Cantor Won’t Get it Right”

  1. Refreshing to see a multiple choice question where all the choices are correct. Campaigners against the concept of a right answer will be happy.

    By the way, does the “starting value of m” apply before the step m=2?

    1. I thought “starting value” was clear, although there are other parts of the wording that niggle.

  2. There’s the obvious issue with Question 22 that most will pick out. Here’s some other minor nitpicks:

    The use of the word “gives” is ambiguous as it isn’t necessarily obvious that a set that “gives” valid numbers contains only valid numbers.

    I never liked the notation “variable = value” for describing assignment. I think “variable <– value", "variable := value", and "set variable to value" are all better options. All but the last one implicitly assume that students know the meaning of the notation beforehand, which is not something I believe should be tested in the GAT.

    Regarding the major issue, what are the qualifications required to write/proofread questions for the GAT?

      1. I suppose that means not much more than a generic bachelor’s degree, with no particular specialisation in mathematics, because I don’t think someone who has taken real analysis would make a mistake like that. Unfortunately this is in line with what I’ve seen from some high school mathematics teachers…

        1. I honestly don’t know what the GAT qualifications are. Evidently, they are not high enough. Knowing VCAA, I’d be surprised if any formal qualifications were required at all, although in practice probably all writers would have at least a Bachelor’s.

  3. An aside: I saw several multiple choice questions this week when candidates were asked “Which of the following statements is true?” The last option was “All of the above” – and this was intended to be the only correct answer.

    1. It would be funny (though extremely unfair) if they had that as a fifth option for this multiple choice question.

      1. Once upon a time you could expect to see Option E None of the above a few times in vce exams. A reliable hall pass that maybe could have rescued a few MCQ of recent times? Im told All of the above is a still a common (and usually correct) option in many DET mandatory online training modules. A friend told me it was very lucky he recently did the mandatory manuel handling module because the very next day he had to lift a box of photocopy paper which would have weighed at least 5kg. Now he can safely and confidently lift boxes of photocopy for the next 2 years. After which he has to redo the module, I suppose you get forgetful and complacent.

    2. A. None of the below.

      E. All of the above.

      I wonder what % would choose A and what % would choose E. I doubt it would be zero in either case.

  4. I saw an MCQ recently which included an “all of the above” choice, but the creator had set the software to randomise the order of choices … you can guess what happened.

    Also, the first comment is the best so far!

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