Tom’s Latest Post: Introducing Negative Numbers

Tom has a new post on his Teaching Mathematics blog: Introducing Negative Numbers. Amongst other things, Tom suggests that Europeans eventually accepted this mathematical magic because of the genius and/or stubbornness of accountants. Please support Tom’s blog and check it out.

4 Replies to “Tom’s Latest Post: Introducing Negative Numbers”

  1. Thanks Marty

    This lesson resulted from my current career as a tutor. Teachers have mixed feelings regarding tutors. On one hand they give extra support to the teachers’ efforts, supplementing the limited time that the teacher gets. But I have seen posts where the teacher is annoyed; something wrong has been taught by the tutor, or the teacher’s surprise has been pre-empted.

      1. I think you’re suggesting a posting on tutoring on the teaching maths blog? Yes I was contemplating something along those lines, maybe next week.

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