Secret 2023 Further-General Business: Exam 1 Discussion

The usual. We haven’t seen the exam, and we don’t much care to see it, but teachers and students are welcome to comment.

UPDATE (31/12/23)

The exam is now posted, here.


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  1. When the government was planning to introduce a fourth mathematics subject at VCE, I suggested that they develop a sequence of 4 units of statistics, and scrap statistics from Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, and Specialist Mathematics. This could be done quite easily. There are many good text books on business statistics that would fit the bill; instead of CAS calculators, I suggested Excel. This might even prove to be quite popular.

  2. First time looking at it this morning. Seemed too easy, so will probably disadvantage stronger students because minor mistakes will be more costly.

    Perhaps the low difficulty is to allow for some schools moving from the Graphing and Measurement modules to having to do Matrices & Networks?

  3. Some of the questions required quite a lot of non-CAS working (which I secretly liked).

    The 8 point moving average… really??? More of an annoyance than anything else.

    New question on Leslie matrices seemed easy enough – which was to be expected the first time it was assessed.

    Typo in Exam 2 (schools were emailed this morning apparently) – so we know VCAA are capable of admitting mistakes. To an extent.

      1. On Paper 2?

        I haven’t looked at that one yet. Will post on the other (paper 2 discussion) post if I find it tomorrow.

  4. Q26 on matrices is also incorrect. When Q is multiplied by P, which 3 letters change. The fact is there is no solution for QxP. It should have read when P is multiplied by Q.

    What a joke?

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