Burkard’s and My VCE Mathematics Exam Critique

Burkard and I were planning this for later, but given the Guardian has named us and linked to the relevant document, I may as well post on it. Below is a critique of the 2022 VCE exams, which, after prior discussions, Burkard and I wrote at VCAA’s request. This critique was the basis (sort of) of VCAA’s external review of the VCE mathematics exams, which was finalised earlier this year.

I will soon have much more to write on the background to all this, and on VCAA’s external review.

13 Replies to “Burkard’s and My VCE Mathematics Exam Critique”

  1. The denials of any problems and the energy and time spent on reviews and reports that basically whitewash the issues are so counterproductive. Just admitting error and then fixing the issues is a lower energy path than the one the VCAA has taken. Well done to keep pushing them as they steadfastly refuse to fix anything- people higher up are starting to notice

  2. Thanks for all of your and Burkard’s work on this front. The needless work and stress created by VCAA exams and study designs still blows me away. With so much attention on the teacher shortage and student mental health – this is a good time to put the pressure on VCAA to improve.
    Personally, I would love to have better mathematics courses and exams. Unfortunately, the VCE maths structure is the basis for the Australian Curriculum, which adds to its inertia.

  3. This is really great. It’s been the lack of acknowledgement of the clear shortcomings that has upset me the most. Yes, I can imagine this would have been draining to put together Marty. All Victorian maths educators should be very grateful for the work you two have done.

  4. Marty, Burkard, this is brilliant. You have perfectly distilled the problems which plague VCE Mathematics. I hope something comes of it.

  5. All the work that you (Marty and Burkard) have put into pressing the issue of mathematics examinations, and mathematics teaching in general, seems to be paying off. Thank you for your leadership.

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